What We Do?


Buy & Sell

Hogh’s team specializes in providing architectural styles that add beauty to the Plot we are selling – the reason why the company’s ventures never fail to set the scene for the art of fine living. 

Commercial Properties

Building Services are the building’s electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems. They are therefore also known as MEP services for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing purposes. Hogh strives to deliver the highest quality of installation by MEPs, paying careful attention to the ideas of our customers.

Agricultural Properties

Some pieces of immovable property allocated or allowed for agricultural production. For instance, one may run a farm or only raise certain types of animals on agricultural real estate.



Project Investments

We have a committed team of seasoned loan and business management specialists, with comprehensive knowledge of working with several borrowers. We support the project before and after the close of finances. Our services are tailored to meet your needs.

Residential Investments

Hogh’s residential investment experts rely on their broad industry and consumer expertise to develop, enhance, realign, coordinate, and evaluate investment services in residential property.

Agricultural Investments

Agriculture is a massive market that is becoming particularly important for investors worldwide due to global growth projections and the gradual depletion in farmland.


Disputes & Legal Advisory


Contract conflicts are one of the most important legal problems confronting company owners although often disagreements can be resolved with the aid of a contract solicitor. Our attorneys will guarantee that the arrangements satisfy the litigation test for inevitable disputes.

Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation-arbitration is an informal conflict settlement mechanism that seeks to settle legal disputes without going to trial through mediation and arbitration. Sometimes, it is called “med-arb”

Litigation & Advocacy

Our court action, Advocacy, represents clients in mediation, arbitration, and in all areas of litigation at the different levels of courts in India and before administrative tribunals. Lawyers in this department add a wealth of expertise on any questions or problems faced by our customers.


Patron Services

Revenue Officers

Guidelines by Retired Revenue Officers on any civil issues.

Police Officers

Suggestions & Guidelines by Retired Police Officers on any issues.

Senior Lawyers

Suggestions & Guidelines by Senior Lawyers for any kind of civil disputes.

About Hogh

Who we are?

Hogh Property Management Consultants and Advisory aims at delivering the best outcome for the clientele.

Best Property Managemenent Consultants in town!

Hogh Property Management Services aims on delivering a seamless service, from advising how to obtain an optimum rent and getting the right tenant, to effective handling the paperwork and managing all the day-to-day practicalities of a tenancy. We are well known for our professionalism and excellent quality of service and experience. We provide our customers with creative investment management and personal usage of the property.

Hogh Property Management is an organization whose success is the strength of the structure and ideology of the business. As we travelled through our accomplishments, experience, and knowledge made us grow in strength. Our biggest asset is our won goodwill and a clear track record. Many of our clients prefer us for their future sales and all other criteria for real estate.

We believe in marketing partnerships instead of transactional ones!

What distinguishes our team is the expertise of our seasoned professionals who are the main pillar of our service offering. These professionals are dedicated to better identifying the unique interests of each particular customer and to implementing a solution-driven result while addressing dynamic real estate challenges. This ensures our customers are able to use our team’s strategic advice to make informed real estate decisions, reduce expenses, build value and improve performance.

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