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Hogh Property Management Consultants and Advisory aims at delivering the best outcome for the clientele.

Best Dispute Management Consultants!

Throughout more years, Hogh has assisted businesses of all types with the design, examination, and negotiation of contracts. Our attorneys know, with experience in almost all industries, which words are most suitable for your business. For a free initial briefing, call us today to discuss your contract concerns.

Contract Drafting & Review

Contract conflicts are one of the most important legal problems confronting company owners although often disagreements can be resolved with the aid of a contract solicitor. Our attorneys will guarantee that the arrangements satisfy the litigation test for inevitable disputes.

Maintenance Contract Issues

The construction industry is confronted with a broad variety of regulations and obligations, contractual risks and a high demand to meet customer expectations. Contractors and subcontractors delivering repair services are often as bogged down, especially in a way that is special to the work they do.

At Hogh, we understand that these responsibilities differ for contractors and subcontractors operating in the construction field. Through serving clients employed in this area, we have acquired comprehensive awareness of the design, implementation, and compliance of contracts precisely adapted to the success of maintenance work.

Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation-arbitration is an informal conflict settlement mechanism that seeks to settle legal disputes without going to trial through mediation and arbitration. Sometimes, it is called “med-arb”.

In general, arbitration has the benefit of being less restrictive than judicial hearings so an arbitral decision is more readily enforceable globally. The drawback of mediation is that the stakeholders have the power of the mechanism of conflict settlement. As such, it can help to establish friendly corporate ties with another organization in whom your SME likes to operate in the future.

The Hogh Arbitration and Mediation Center offers a range of facilities to settle legal conflicts between private entities, including SMEs if you are requesting assistance in settling the conflict without reference to court proceedings.

We offer services related to,

Litigation & Advocacy

Our court action, Advocacy, represents clients in mediation, arbitration, and in all areas of litigation at the different levels of courts in India and before administrative tribunals. Lawyers in this department add a wealth of expertise on any questions or problems faced by our customers.

Our services include,

Property Legal Opinion

We offer legal advice on a variety of property concerns, including those relating to ownership at the point of acquisition of a house, examination of a selling agreement or division, donation, arbitration, succession problems in the case of a divorce, or a lawsuit. We provide a squad of impaneled attorneys who can provide you with assistance and advice on legal matters.

Note that the unbiased legal judgment of the qualified counsel will be reviewed for safe titles at the point of buying. Relying on the builder/seller given legal opinion or claiming protection on the grounds of banks that accept home loans for a specific project is not a promise of a clean label. Banks just verify the capacity to repay and expand loans mainly on that basis.

Please position your order and give us copies of the required document via courier. We can arrange for local documents to be collected as well. Hogh shall draft a Legal Opinion based on the documentation presented and shall submit a soft copy to you via e-mail. A hard copy of the Legal Decision will be delivered to your address along with any documentation you receive.


Patron Services

Revenue Officers

Guidelines by Retired Revenue Officers on any civil issues.

Police Officers

Suggestions & Guidelines by Retired Police Officers on any issues.

Senior Lawyers

Suggestions & Guidelines by Senior Lawyers for any kind of civil disputes.

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