All About Real Estate

Get benefited from our complete portfolio of services in Real Estate consulting including legal
Your trusted partner for all real estate dealings

We provide complete services right from Property Buy/sell, Leasing and renting of facilities, Representation of the investor and tenant

We handle all real estate disputes for you

Disputes in land are quite common in Andhra Pradesh and telengana. We are determined to serve your needs with the best team

All contracts, conflicts and legal opinions

Our team is expertised in dealing with Contracting issues, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation. Also, get legal opinion on any real estate issues

Why Us
Strong Knowledge Base

Experts in Real Estate

With more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate business, we are a strong network of Premium Builders, venture capitalists and Real Estate Consultants and Advisors.


Satisfied Clients

We handle all the documentation on behalf of the client and represent the clients (either investor or tenant) to deal with their issues and ensure that a resolution is sought to the issue.

Legal Services

High-level Legal Team

Our legal team comprises of high-level attorneys of various jusrisdiction and judges from the judicial circuit. We are fully-equipped to ensure a proper resolution for your case

About Us

Hogh Property Management Consultants and Advisory aims at delivering the best outcome for the clientele

Best Property Managemenent Consultants in town!

Hogh Property Management Services aims on delivering a seamless service, from advising how to obtain an optimum rent and getting the right tenant, to effective handling the paperwork and managing all the day-to-day practicalities of a tenancy. We are well known for our professionalism and excellent quality of service and experience. We provide our customers with creative investment management and personal usage of the property.

Hogh Property Management is an organization whose success is the strength of
the structure and ideology of the business. As we travelled through our accomplishments, experience, and knowledge made us grow in strength


Patron Services

Revenue Officers

Guidelines by Retired Revenue Officers on any civil issues.

Police Officers

Suggestions & Guidelines by Retired Police Officers on any issues.

Senior Lawyers

Suggestions & Guidelines by Senior Lawyers for any kind of civil disputes.

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